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About Pure Silk

AMAZING VERSATILE SILK… not only is it beautiful sensational on your skin light to pack, and easy to care for but did you know that it actually adapts to the weather conditions (similar to wool)?

If it’s hot it will breathe and keep you cool, and if it’s cold…yes, it actually has the ability to keep you warm! Who would have thought?!

So the moral of this story is – Juicy Lucy Simply Gorgeous garments can be worn in all seasons because they are made of pure silk and will adapt to the prevalent climatic conditions.Wear them with glittery sandals and sunnies, or a pair of boots and beanie! You will be the envy of all who set eyes on you no matter what the weather.

They are made of the finest Chinese silk with the greatest of care in all stages of production AND they are sewn right here in Australia.

A guarantee of quality workmanship!